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Christison Park

Christison Park is in Vaucluse, Sydney, Woollahra Municipality. It is situated on the southern peninsular of the Heads of Sydney Harbour.
Christison Park was used as the primary lookout for the early colony of Sydney. It is where the first beacon was lit to warn Sydney Town of ships approaching the new colony. It adjoins Macquarie Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse in Australia and the only working lighthouse in Sydney. It has world class views of the ocean, cliffs, harbour, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. According to Woollahra Council’s Plan of  Management, Christison Park is a shared space for passive and active recreation. It has six sports fields for football and three cricket pitches, several outside exercise stations and one basketball court.
It is very popular for walking, dog walking, non organized sport, kite flying and whale watching.  On New Years Eve people gather to watch fireworks over the city and on Boxing Day to see the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. It is the main timed dog off-leash park in the area. The Bi- Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk runs through Christison Park. Christison Park is Crown Land.  It belongs to all residents of NSW.

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