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Before and After the bollard lights

Woollahra Council has made some drastic changes in the last 5 months to Christison Park and along the Bi- Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk in Christison Park, Lighthouse  Reserve, Signal Hill Reserve and Gap Park.  

These photos allow a comparison of the unspoilt natural environment of the Crown Land  Reserves with the adverse impact created by the intrusion of the built structures and invasive lighting.



Christison Park

Christison park 007.jpg
Long View Night Courts and Lights
Christison Park before courts day.jpg

Click and enlarge the above photo to see the original single basketball court surrounded by  grass, which was the main grassed area in the park not used as a sports field.

Cement Slab 002.jpg

A cement slab now covers all the grassed area  from the original court to  the path.  This is against both the Plan of Management and Recommended Management.

Christison park 006.jpg
Metal Bollards Picture Holder Christison

Bi-Centenial Coastal Cliff Walk

Bi-Centenial Walk 002.JPG
Metal Bollards Picture Holder Gap Park -
Christison Park Sunset - Sky cropped.jpg
Metal Bollards Picture Holder Signal Hil

Lighthouse Reserve

Lighthouse Reserve 001.jpg
Christison Park to The Gap 01.jpg
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