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Metal Bollard Lights - Petition

We oppose the installation of 235 metal bollard lights along the Bi-Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk because:


  • Ugly, obtrusive visual pollution

  • Ruins the natural environment

  • Spoils world class views

  • Diminishes value of heritage sites

  • Dangerous to native birds and fauna

  • Obstructs the natural skyline

  • Obtrusive, restricts walking area

  • Introduces target area at night

  • There are so many

  • Blinding

  • Lack of transparency by Council

  • No community consultation

  • No opportunity to oppose project

  • Against the Recommended Management of the heritage Bi-Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk

  • Council ignored concerns

  • Council gave wrong, misleading information

If you want  to help preserve NSW heritage and environment, please sign our petition.

Petition to remove Metal Bollard Lights

We the undersigned call on Woollahra Council to remove the metal bollard lights along the
Bi-Centennial Coastal Cliff Walk.

To register, please complete the information below.

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