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The chopped trees in Christison Park

Woollahra Council chopped down many healthy trees in Christsion Park in preparation for last Sunday’s “Tree” Day !
Below are 26 photos showing some of the many healthy trees which Council chopped in the south-east corner shortly before  
“Tree” Day.   
Council claims this was done to allow access for replanting on
“Tree” Day !  

Following Council’s similar action in Signal Hill Reserve, SCPAG had requested careful pruning.

Council  informed SCPAG the replanting would be made up of 200 trees of 8 types amongst 2,000 new plants, but of the 8 trees listed under the heading “Trees” on Council’ Planting List 7 are shrubs and only 1 is actually a tree.  For the list contact us.

On Tree Day Council changed the woody tree area into heathland.
With unwitting volunteers Council planted mainly low plants and grasses, which alter the natural environment.
Having been informed of the above, Woollahra ‘s Mayor took a photo opportunity planting a shrub on
“Tree” Day.  

One of the emails we have received from concerned locals (name redacted for privacy reasons) states:

“I read your email with concern. 
Having visited the site for Tree Day with my son yesterday – I could see the stumps of a number of Banksia – I agree this is not uplifting, some trees were clearly chopped down, without notice or consultation 
From my regular visits to the Park – I recall that the largest of felled Banksias had a dead branch, but the whole tree was not dead. So it is concerning. Also the public were only planting around the perimeter of the established plantings yesterday – so the justification of access seems disingenuous. 
We were not given the opportunity to plant a tree – just grasses, which are important, but are not trees as you say. Allegra Spender was there– perhaps you could alert her to the issue. A related issue is that the Tree Planting sites from other years do not appear to be being maintained by council – the plantings from other years have been swamped by weeds and the survival rate would appear to be nothing like 80%. “

In local Parsley Bay there are notices on four trees stating:
“This tree has died and will be cut down”.
There was
no notification on any trees Council removed from the south-east corner in Christison Park or on other trees removed in other areas in the Coastal Crown Land Reserves.  
Perhaps Woollahra Council thinks people in Parsley Bay value trees more than people in Christison Park or perhaps the reason is simply that 

trees in Christison Park were not dead.
We have cced the Ward Councillors into our correspondence with Council. None of them have acted appropriately to prevent such damage to our natural environment. We are asking the Ward Councillors to:
-  investigate Council’s severe damage to the natural environment to their maximum, 
-  seek reassurance it wont happen again,
-  find out why notices are placed on dead trees in Parsley Bay but not on allegedly dead trees in Christison Park and 
-  get answers to our questions repeatedly sent, about when Council will replant other chopped down trees in Christison Park and the Coastal Crown Land Reserves
SCPAG is trying to protect trees, but our efforts are receiving the same old same old disregard from Council, who ignore questions and repeat such actions, while claiming care for Biodiversity.    
Please help us end needless destruction of healthy trees and natural habitat.

Discuss with others, share on social media, contact your local member and contact us with ideas.

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